bye bye boring

Welcome to our bye beige universe, where we infuse your table with personality, colour and top notch quality. Our philosophy is to offer you a collection of curated pieces that you can combine for a festive and elevated look, or mix & match with your existing tableware for new expected combinations everyday. Delighting you every time you reach for a bye bye beige piece in your cupboards, is our mission. Ready to discover more?

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a tabletop tale

No faster way to a festive dining table than the decor of spectacular table linens. Set the scene with a colourful tablecloth, placemats and napkins, whether you're enjoying a casual meal on a weekday or hosting a grand feast.

Trust us on this: using quality tablelinens makes even the most simple weekday meal a feast.

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serving style

  • bowls

    small, large, classic or extravagant. There's a serving bowl for everyone.

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  • vases

    flowers never looked so good. All our vases are unique pieces, sustainably made in Spain.

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  • candles

    made in Italy from the finest materials, our candles collection are the perfect whimsical gift.

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