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red swirl dinner plate

red swirl dinner plate

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Discover the irresistible Swirl Red Dinner Plate. Its abstracted crimson red patterning adds a burst of color and artistry that is both versatile and visually stunning. This plate can also double as a decorative wall piece.

Handcrafted by the potters in Fayoum. 

Size (diameter): 25cm - 27cm

Frame: Clay, Fire Clay from Aswan - upper Egypt
Cover material: Gliss free of lead
Colors of earthen oxides.

Our Fayoum Pottery is entirely handcrafted, so please allow for slight imperfections, little colour differences, and minor sizing differentiation. We believe these differences encapsulate the beauty and charm of handmade items. Every piece of our Fayoum Pottery is unique, making it a work of art in itself.

We recommend hand washing in warm water and drying. Please do not place in the microwave, directly on top of a burner, or in the oven. Using harsh scrubbing cream or pads to clean can scratch the surface. Fayoum pottery is meant to be used, held and enjoyed on a daily basis. Proper care and handling of the pieces will help retain their beauty and function for years.
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